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    Morning All.
    Last Monday I sat and past My Foundation exam. I am currently waiting for My certificate, so I can get an callsign. This should arrive today, so may be on air tonight.

    I have been interested in radio for a long time, using radio scanner to further My interest in aviation. Along with this hobby I have a interest in photography. I have taken the Foundation exam, because as it is another hobby, I hope to further Myself in. Years ago I thought Armature Radio was a city and guilds exam, so I kept away from it, as I thought it was taken at college levels. I remember you had to go to Grimsby college to train. I seem to be drawn to the D-Star and DMR, side of Armature radio, along with 2M/70cm.

    I have now started to read the intermediate manual ready for the next stage. I will let you know My callsign soon.



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    Hi from Nottingham David.

    Yes you are right. When l sat the exams 30yrs ago they were City & Guilds exams. And yes l had to sit them in a college. And they required much study & night school as the 2nd exam was far from easy.

    Now the exams have been completely restructured. To get a full licence now you need to pass the Foundation, then Intermediate, then the Full.
    30yrs ago you could sit the 2 top exams one after the other. 3hrs then it was all over. But they kept us off HF unless we sat the Morse test (now abolished).

    Great that you will get your callsign today. That was another downside with those C&G exams. Waiting 3 weeks to find out if we had passed. And they never disclosed the % we passed by. That annoyed me as l wanted a distinction after all the effort & expense.

    DMR is the way to go. If you intend to work portable you can pick up a handset at a reasonable cost. Will put a link below.
    Then you need to have a look at the options for a base radio. I won't begin to advise you as far too many options on the market. You can always watch a few YouTube reviews before investing on a base radio.

    You never mentioned your location. I would assume you have already checked out the local repeaters.

    This one is affordable to most. If you want the model with GPS installed it costs about 20 more.

    So congrats on the pass & hope to hear you on air soon.

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    congratulations on your Pass David

    i see you are in south Killingholme - i was recently chatting to a Inter licencees in grimsby through GB3LM , Lincoln;s 2m repeater

    73 de M7NYH

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