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    Hello. Coming from 11 meter world. But like to build antenna and such. Coming her for technical issues with builds.

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    Hi from Nottingham UK.

    You don't mention your location. You also don't mention if you intend to sit the ham exams.

    Many hams were on 11m before they were hams. But if you are looking for advice regarding the 11m band then it won't be forthcoming from hams as they revoke our licence if we transmitted on 11m. If we were to assist anyone else knowing they intended to transmit on 11m l have no doubt that would also break many rules.

    I predict a moderators intervention to point out that this is a ham "only" radio forum.

    73 Jim

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    I’m in the United States. 11 meters in the United States is free to operate on and it the Citizens Band. There is not a license required to operate. I mostly talk Skip on 11 m side band. I’m not “breaking any rules“. I joined this forum because I know many hams have experience building 10 meter antennas (shares many similarities with 11 m radio). I know that there could be valuable advice as far as antenna building on this board. However, if I am not wanted on this form because I don’t have a “license“ (even though one is not required to legally operate on 11 m citizens band radio) I can gladly leave the forum if my presence is not welcomed. Thanks for the warm welcome. Cheers

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