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Thread: Damn! Hoping you guys can help or direct me!

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    Default Damn! Hoping you guys can help or direct me!

    I will just get right to the point. New guy here, and just looking to fix some odd cellular reception issues at a new place, and nothing in life for me is every easy.

    I have sprint, and are the closest tower in my rural area. They have bands 25/1900mhz, 26/850mhz, 41/2500mhz. The tower is 5.1mi from me. Here is where the twist is. At 5.1, looking directly off the main road, I can visually see the tower, and I can connect to the band 41, which gives a VERY impressive data test of 245mb/s, and good overall signal. However, my driveway is 400ft long, off the main road, which brings in obstruction.

    Obviously, I figured I would get an antenna over the obstructions and we would be gold, but I learn that the 2500mhz is regulated and FCC will not allow amps to work with it? WTF? Every other signal but that? Seems odd.

    Anyway, right now I am typing on either B25 or B26, and I either need to boost them so I can at least get "something" here, or my ideal solution is to "transfer" the B41.

    Here is my question. People talk about needing an amp to "boost" signal, but I don't really need a boost, I need to transfer the signal to me, from the road. I was considering two yagi antenna configured back to back, but I cannot find anyone that has done it, nor can I find someone knowledgeable enough to know how to get it done.

    Help a guy out? If nothing else, I need to find a solution to get in the air and grab B25/1900mhz just so I can function here. This living with my face in a window is ridiculous.

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    What you are talking about is transmitting on a licensed frequency with an unlicensed transmitter.. There is no such thing as a booster.

    Your problem is that you do not understand radio law, or the fact that when you receive a signal amplify it and transmit it again you are exposing everyone in the neighborhood - including yourself to dangerous microwaves.

    I've seen this 1000 times in our natural gas production technician vehicles. The company wanted to use cell phones for the service technicians so they bought boosters, only they mounted the antenna 12 inches away from the users head.
    In the USA this is illegal!

    Cell Phone Towers Antennas works on the principal of co phasing the antennas, which causes a type of boost - like a multi element beam antenna. The antennas themselves uses both a mechanical tilt and an electrical beam tilt. There are times when you are too close to the tower or in a shaded portion of the tower where you can see the lights blinking and yet have no service.

    Some towers are sited by multiple tenants.. If you see multiple candelabra's on the tower each row is owned or leased by a different carrier.. The hierarchy rule is the tenant on the top pays the most money and has the best signal.

    Three options - first you can contact your cell phone carrier, voice a complaint, hope that they will modify the pattern of their antennas to include your situation.

    You could subscribe to an internet service, and use your Wifi - for your data and phone needs.

    Or you could get out the old chainsaw and cut down those trees that are blocking your reception.
    This is just my guess - that the trees are blocking your reception..

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