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    Hi All,

    I am new to HAM radio world. I need a new hobby, and radios have intrigued me for some time. I am interested in getting my HAM licence and learning more! I am in the Sacramento, CA area!



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    Hi from UK.

    If you have the radio bug then a ham license will give you many hours enjoyment. You get to talk to like minded guys. Then you learn more. That leads to the "burning desire" to get a bigger & better radio. Then a bigger & better antenna.

    So it's a hobby that grows with you.

    First place to start is to find out what material you need to study to get the Tech license. I can't help you there as it's different in UK.

    But once you have done the study & booked your exam (online exams are now available), you can start talking to hams & you will soon find your path.

    73 Jim

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    Default is a great FREE tool to study and learn. Teaches everything you need to know to get your license and get on vhf/uhf. And did I mention it is FREE!!! 73s
    73s, God bless and good day. KD9KVS
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    ARRL Technicial and General Class License Manual.. Read, study the questions and answers after u read the book..

    Find an amateur radio club - join. If you have access to a programmable scanner, put in repeater frequencies for repeaters within 50 miles of your location and listen.

    You will need to buy a antenna and some coax, so if you buy an amateur radio antenna and professional grade low loss coax - such as a Diamond X510 antenna and Belden 9913 or LMR 400 coax - you will be well on your way to becoming a ham.

    If you won't spend the money to buy the books or put up the antenna, then don't waste your time learning the questions and answers to get the license - because you won't ever get on the radio or make anything of yourself if you won't invest in it - because it is a hobby that is based on radios and antennas and technology!

    You can listen to High Frequency Radio with your computer for FREE - to get your start - pick a Web SDR radio receiver and listen.

    its best if you first learn about radio before going after the license, that way if you decide - its too hard, or it takes too long or you don't want to apply yourself, or the people on the radio isn't want you were looking for - you won't have wasted our time or yours talking about it!

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    Good advice from R2D2. Go listen in on QSOs for a few hours, or days. No point in wasting time & money on a hobby only to discover at a later date it's not for you.

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