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Thread: LMR400 cable up an unused metal chimney for 144/440

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    Default LMR400 cable up an unused metal chimney for 144/440

    I want to use an unused chimney in the building to run some coax to a roof mounted Diamond X200A. I can get some LMR400 and drop it right into my office through this chimney pipe.
    VHF to start, will work on different antenna for HF later.
    Do you see any interference with this metal chimney pipe? I think it is aluminum but it might be steel/iron. I will investigate. If no interference it is like someone ran a 6 inch conduit to my home office just for Ham purposes!
    Any input is appreciated.

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    Hi Gene - sorry for the late response. You'll be fine. I can't imagine you'd have interference. I think just the opposite would be the case because the metal would be an extra shield. Very fortunate for you to have such an easy route.

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    as long as the chimney is not being used to exhaust heat from a hot water tank or furnace/heater it will be fine.
    plus its a great route for multiple cables, But provide adequate strain relief on the cabling to prevent pullout of your connectors.
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