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    Greetings. Newbie to the Forum, inactive ham for several years. I am trying to get my hf rig back on the air. I am searching for a good solution to erecting an antenna. My shack is located in a 24x36 metal post frame building near the back of my lot. I don't have trees from which to string a wire antenna (At my old QTH, I had a G5RV strung between two trees and worked the world with it). I have considered a vertical in the center of the metal roof (like a Hustler 6btv). I've also looked at a post about a G7FEK Limited Space Antenna, anchoring one end to my house and the other on a pole near the shack. I'm reading, with interest, about downspout/gutter antennas. I am open to ideas about how I might get on the air, all suggestions welcome and appreciated.
    73, W9ROX

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    If all you had was a G5RV, you didn't have nothing.. So I guess anything would be an improvement over that..

    Verticals works best when properly installed and grounded, preferably over a salt water marsh.

    I have a 5BVT that has had 6 owners, not one of them were ever satisfied with it.

    Forget the tuner route and telling us how great this or that antenna worked.. When the band is open, even just a couple of watts will do something.. The metal shed bothers me as much as anything, no telling what kind of problems it will create.

    Start out small and work your way up. If you want a vertical, buy yourself a CB radio antenna and modify it for 10 meters..

    The Solorcon A99 or an IMAX 2000 on a 40 foot tower would be a good starting point. Look at it like this, if a radio station wanted to be heard, they wouldn't send a guy out in the parking lot to stand on a kitchen chair and hold a rake up in the air and expect to be on the air profitable for very long.

    All the power in the world won't solve your problem until you first put up a tower. That is why it is called RADIO and not ham walkie talkie. Before you erect your tower you can cut a 8' length of 2 x2, attach it to the tower, put a stainless steel pulley on the end, support it with a length of phillystran cord. That will make a crude jib crane to hold a wire antenna away from the tower.

    If it was me and I wanted to work multiple bands, I would invest in a high quality off center fed dipole like the HY Power Antenna Company 80 or 160 meter version as featured in previous issues of QRZ with the Guella Balun.

    160 m model will get you 160 , 80 , 60 , 40 , 20 , 10, 6, 2, 1.25m, 70cm all without a antenna tuner.
    But my guess is that if you weren't willing to spend much money - $69 isn't a whole lot of money - for a G5RV, that I am wasting my time here giving you advice, because you aren't going to spend a couple hundred on a good antenna.

    I've answered this question 4,000 times. I doubt if 10 times the person asking for advice actually used it..

    So my question is - why are you asking for advice if you already know what you are going to do?

    Do you have an Elmer? Have you even tried to find an Elmer?

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