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    Good Afternoon,
    Firstly, a confession: Iím not an amateur radio user & never have been. Iím trying to sell some radio ham equipment & I do apologise if this is not a selling page. I was hoping someone may be interested, or would be able to point me in the right direction?
    My stepfather however, was a big fan, & he unfortunately passed away at the end of March. My mother is now in the process of selling their marital home & moving into sheltered accommodation.
    My sister & I are currently trying to sell furniture, gardening equipment, electronics etc etc and I donít really know where to start with his radio equipment!

    If anyone has some advice, we would be very grateful!

    Thanks in advance.

    Richard Chaplin

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    I'll leave this post open for helpful replies, but NO selling on this site.

    You could try a local radio club.
    Pete - 2EōFVL
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    To point you in the right direction it would be helpful if we knew your country. Members from all over the planet on this forum. We can identify a members country from their callsign. But we have no idea if you don't have a callsign & don't tell us where you are.


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    In the life of a ham, in the beginning, a person owns no equipment, or at the very least, they have a relative or a friend that gives them some equipment to get their start.

    As their amateur radio career begins, they accumulate a lot of junk and a little good stuff.

    As times goes by you make friends, your friends also has a laundry list of junk which gets traded, bought, sold back and forth until finally all of your friends are dead and you are the last remaining soul.

    As long as you make friends and have friends you always have a venue for your used radio equipment.
    Your mom would be well aware of who your dad's friends were and how they helped him thru the years.
    Usually those people will come forward and make remarks about how they were friends and how they would like to have this, that or the other. The best thing you can do is ask your mom - was this guy / gal really dad's friend.. Did they ever offer to help him, or were they only his friend when they wanted something?

    I had a friend that before he died, he went thru his shack and put a price tag and or a tag with a persons name on everything he owned.
    When he died, all they had to do is go thru the list he left and distribute the proceeds.

    Did your dad belong to a club? Clubs always has new members that are looking for used equipment to get their start.
    Maybe you could donate some of the stuff to a club, with the stipulation that it isn't to be given to someone that already HAS ham radio equipment and that maybe the person that gets it could stop by and thank your mom, or not - depending upon how you feel about visitors.

    Maybe you could contact a group - such as The American Radio Relay League, they could give you a list of registered schools in your area that needs, wants, or could use some of his RADIO equipment. Schools tends to be poor, and they don't tend to have much of a budget for new equipment and they would gladly take anything you give them if asked.

    Maybe you could find a list - City data dot com - maintains a list of licensed hams in your area, maybe you could find some young person that is just starting out and GIVE that person some of your dad's equipment to help this young person - if they are sincere and actually want to participate in the hobby.

    If you must sell his radios to pay for his funeral or some such nonsense - then you could look up what it sells for on Ebay and offer it for slightly less money. Ham radios depreciates - don't let anyone bullchit you. They are not made of gold and they do not appreciate in value - at least not anything that I own, anything modern. They eventually break and they eventually run out of spare parts to maintain them and they end up in the junk box.

    I've bought equipment off Silent Key (sk) estates before, and almost everything I bought I got burned - it was junk, broken, and cost more to fix than what it was worth!

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    I knew of a club in the southern portion of TEXAS that was a school club, their students were mostly Latinos and Anglo's and were very poor.

    They had no budget and their instructor was looking for anything he could use to help them get their start.

    I will try to see if I can find their QSL Card in my files.

    Those people were very deserving and would have appreciated anything you could possibly send them! I think their call was K5LBJ

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