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    Currently I am looking at getting my technician license and am looking at purchasing one of the below 2 books. My question is which of these two books is going to have better information about radio that I may refer back to as a reference after getting technician license vs just passing the test?

    AARL - technician study guide 4th edition.
    2017-2020 technician class book (Gordon west)

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    The ARRL License Manual explains how radio works, a little on how to properly operate.

    I found the ARRL License Manual very informative.. The Technician Class License is almost childish, a 5 yr old child can pass the exam with a book and a ham in a day class. Thats not much of an investment in my book..

    The Gordon West Book was more like a cookbook, I've been to 3 colleges and 1 trade school in my life, and if I had to use his books to get a General Class License, I would still be studying the book 9 years later..

    My advice is two fold, buy both the Technician and General Class License manuals at the same time..

    Technician doesn't really give you much to play with and if you are serious about being a ham, you will quickly graduate from Technician and playing walkie talkie on the local repeater to wanting to talk on a HF radio.

    Coming from a person with a whole box full of UHF / VHF equipment sitting on the floor of the shack, not being used, and a radio out in my truck that almost never gets used other then a once a week net, I would suggest not wasting a whole lot of money on FM VHF / UHF equipment.

    When you are done, if you would please, donate the books to the local library, so others could get some use out of them!

    They are only good for a maximum of 4 years, then the license pool of questions changes, even though slightly, maybe 10 or 20 questions per every 4 years as the rules changes and the technology changes..

    If it wasn't for someone loaning me their books, I couldn't have afforded to get my licenses as quickly as I did..

    The Laurel Amateur Radio Club gives out FREE VE Test sessions - which may also help you get licensed sooner..

    I took the exam multiple times vs having to pay $20+ each time you fail a exam to upgrade your license...

    Even 3 ARRL exams = $60 which is almost as much as what the text books cost!

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    Where did you come up with the $20+ figure? The most anyone can charge for an amateur radio examination is $15.

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    They raised it..

    I was told that due to the loss of revenue from the Corona Virus, The ARRL has raised the rates on everything..

    Just a couple of years ago, a lifetime membership was only $550.00 - now even the Senior Lifetime Membership is almost double that amount!

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