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    Hi all
    Can anyone help with my problem. I have just acquired a FT450D tcvr and am trying to use ft8 on it. I have bought a DC11F interface cable which connects into the data socket on the back of the rig going to the audio in and out sockets on the laptop. I have downloaded the software, and installed a package as instructed for Linux, followed the installation guides from the WSJT website, and others but cannot get a green test CAT. Keep getting "Rig Failure Hamlib error:IO error while opening connection to rig"
    I am not very computer or digital literate, I still like valves! So can any of you young computer and ditigal modes experts help before I throw this computer out the window and vow never to have anything to do with computers or digital radio again!!
    Hopefully hanging on
    Peter G0JJI

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    I had to look up that cable. I think you only have audio there. You need the USB connection for CAT control.The only Yaesu I own is the 991a and it uses a USB cable for everything. A quick search reveals you also need a USB to serial cable to control the radio in addition to the DC11F.

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    I’m running an FT-897D for FTI, using a SignaLink interface. The Data out goes to the SignaLink and the CAT goes to the computer.

    There are generally helpful videos for most radios on YouTube.

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