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    Hey, my name's Neil, from the county of Kent, SE England. I messed around with CB as a kid in the early 80's ( I guess it was our equivilant of social media). Got the bug about 6 years ago again, and got licensed as M6BOX, and a while after 2E0CMN. I only ever operated mobile or /P due to constraints on antennae at my address. I went QRT due to circumstance several years ago, and in the past 2 weeks have been re-reading my books, watching lots of YT and dusting off my kit. I now have an FT 8900 in the car, which I can only use on 2/70 due to my antenna but thats cool. I have an FT817 as my main rig which I absolutely love!. I have cut a dipole for 20m and have it strung in the loft of my new house. I have yet to make a contact, but I have just been running WSPR from my phone via a ZLP MiniProSC and i am definately getting out. Talking of WSPR, I am having immense grief with WSJT-X software on my laptop, so I'm off to find an appropriate place to ask some questions

    73 de 2E0CMN


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    Hi from Nottingham Neil,

    I also had the CB in the 80s. Uniden 2830. But as you know, opened up to 26-30.
    Then l sat the RAE. But back then they banned us from HF until we done the Morse.
    Then career took the lead & radios were in boxes. Then they seen the light & abolished the Morse requirement. So all our licences were upgraded to "A". Not before time as many only done the Morse to get on HF & never used a key again.

    I also had an 817. But sold it due to the power limitations. I now have a FT900-AT & FT450-AT.
    I also have a quad band mobile. But like yourself only dual band whip.

    Now you are back doing the revision why not take the last exam? Won't be too long before it's available online. But if it was me l would go in person as online exams seem to be far too much hassle, going by what l have heard.

    I am glad that l done the study & got it all out the way 30yrs ago as l wouldn't bother with any exams now that l have passed the 60 mark.

    73 Jim

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    Hey Jim thanks for the reply. I had an awful Fidelity 1000 bleed box that I thought was wonderful as I was about 13 and didn't know any better!!

    I am going to study for the Full licence, and have already bought the book. But I need to relearn everything from Foundation and Intermediate to be honest. I start Uni again at the age of 52 in Sept, for a Prescribing qualification (I'm a Paramedic with further qualifications in Advanced Clinical Practice, Emergency, Urgent and Primary Care) and I need to do this first. In the mean time I am playing with digital modes and learning Morse Code, which I think will become my main operating mode once I have got the hang of it

    I did manage to get to Lithuania on 20m SSB with my lowly 5W and a home made dipole in the loft, and I have been running WSPR with that antenna and a mag loop with some good results. I have also been trying FT8 using WSJT-X software, but there seems to be a bug in the software CAT control which causes PTT errors and all sorts of radio issues which is driving me a bit mad at the moment.

    I ahve a 40-10 EFHW which I need to get up over the garden, but I need to convince the XYL and timing is everything so Haven't broached the subject yet!!

    Anyway nice to meet you, stay safe



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    Hi again Neil,

    I am 10yrs ahead of you & now retired. I was a registered nurse for 30yrs.
    Then decided l needed a change so l used those City & Guilds in electronics qualifications to enter the electronics industry. The intention was only for a temp job after moving from Scarborough to Nottingham.

    But l found that l enjoyed the work. And it also helped when my employers realised my talents & l moved from doing the repairs to testing the other repair guys work. They even bumped up my pay above the rest.

    Then one of my mates let slip my previous occupation. What happened then was guys who were unlucky enough to sustain an injury came to me rather than a first aider. That pissed off the company. But their solution was to send me on a first aiders course for a week. Hell they even provided me with a brand new hire car for the week as l was not permitted to use my own car on company business. Then the defib course, the oxygen administration course. So perhaps understandable that l stayed for a few years :-).

    Yes you should do the final exam. 30yrs ago when l sat those exams there was no Foundation exam. I think there was an intermediate. But l done the night school & read the books & sat the 2 exams one after the other. All l needed to do then was the Morse. But career took over & by the time my attention turned back to radios they abolished the Morse requirement.

    I was around your age when l decided that l had enough of sticking needles & tubes in people.
    When l started in electronics l felt a sense of "no pressure". As if l made a serious mistake in electronics someone's life wouldn't be at risk.

    If l could go back to 18 again knowing what l know now, l would choose electronics.

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