Hi All,

New member here and looking for some help please. I purchased an FT3DE a week or so ago and busy getting familiar with it. Really hoping someone can help with something I cannot find an answer to. My FTM100 in the car has the ability to automatically populate my APRS Status Text with the Frequency, Tone and Shift on my A channel. I have seen instructions for the FTM400 where it does the same, but I cannot find any similar reference to functionality on the FT3D. I assumed it is not possible but started playing about using the same syntax as the FTM100, but with no success. [[[FREQ]]] [SQL&SFT] is the format on the mobile radios. Before I give up completely and move on with my life, I thought it was worth asking the forum community.

Any feedback or help would be greatly appreciated.

Adam - M6IWC