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Thread: Kantronics KAM K8 jumpers missing

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    Question Kantronics KAM K8 jumpers missing

    I've just bought a Kantronics KAM All Mode TNC off eBay.

    I noticed that it has no jumpers on the K8 component - whereas my old KAM has a five jumpers as shown in these photos, below. (Sorry for bad focus.)

    Old KAM - three jumpers.jpg

    New KAM - no jumpers.jpg

    Does anyone know what the purpose of these jumpers are and if the unit will run OK without them? (Can't do with another one going up in smoke!) There doesn't seem to be anything in the manual that refers to this.

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    I'm not sure how you missed it in the manual. Check out Chapter 3, page 13. They are scattered around on the schematic, but they are nicely grouped next to the CPU.
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    Hiya Martin,

    Thanks for the reply, but the manual only mentions jumpers K-1 to K-7. The only mention of K8 is in the parts list.


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