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Thread: C4FM and FLDIGI

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    Has anyone tried sending digital transmissions such as PSKR or MT63 using FLDIGI software through a Yaesu VHF rig running C4FM in either the DN or VW modes? Did it work, if not, why? Thank you in advance for any responses.

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    A quick way to answer your own question is to try it. Fldigi is analog based, in that, all the information out of, and in to, the computer is through the computer's sound card. The sound card can be internal to the PC or external.

    C4FM requires a fairly wide bandwidth. Whereas, PSK-31 has a 30 Hz bandwidth. You could probably fit multiple transmissions in the same bandwidth as C4FM. It would probably work with VW (Voice Wide 12.5 KHz signal). But, I doubt that you could use it with the DN (Digital Narrow @ 6.25 KHz) mode.
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