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Thread: Moonshine Radio in SDR Radio

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    Default Moonshine Radio in SDR Radio

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    Are you doing the fourier transform yourself and loading it into an arbitrary waveform generator or is Matlab doing all that for you? With the beer can last time, I expected, at least, a liquor still or Popcorn Sutton to scroll across the waterfall.

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    yes all iq data made in matlab,
    then iq file play out to awg which sends iq data to vector signal gen, that outputs on fm band.

    airspy on rx, using sdr console software for rx

    73's and stay safe folks

    if interested i can post matlab code that made iq files.
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    Thats neat! I have no experience with matlab (yet). Hopefully this winter when things slow down ill get into it. When I do, I will likely be very interested in taking a look at those files.

    73! Thanks for the unique entertainment!

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