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Thread: DX Antenna, Miles Long, Laser or Electron Beam Plasma, Injected by Electric Current

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    Default DX Antenna, Miles Long, Laser or Electron Beam Plasma, Injected by Electric Current

    Hello there,

    This is my first post to the forums and I want to present my best.

    I saw green laser pointers at web and they send a visible green to miles of distances. I thought if I could use the beam as my radio antenna. I researched the web and I found a technology where laser beam or electron beam used to turn air around the beam to plasma and after this is happened inject to the beam electric current.

    I think this is used reagan era star wars project.

    I read on a book , necessary energy is 40 watts per cm3 for laser and 1-2 watts per cm3 for electron beam. I had no idea how a electron beam generated but there must be some valve tubes for that ? Or do I need a CO laser , uv laser or accelerator

    Do you share what is cheapest simplest possible for ham operator ? Which is simpler , receive or transmission ?

    Thank you very much,

    Take care and Stay Safe,

    Mustafa Umut Sarac

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    Electron beams dont travel far outside a vacuum due to collisions with air molecules and ionizing air with lasers at any distance is a pulsed affair. The energy you put in will be the most anyone has ever spent destroying their eyes. Awesome and intriguing concept, but totally impractical. Even if electricity was free, atmospheric variations would continuously affect the ionization path length and thus resonance. you are talking energy levels used in nuclear fusion (on a cw level lol) btw...

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    Thank you very much Brandon , I have spent all night until 07 AM with this. Its funny.. lol

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    I thought little bit more and situation should not be that hopeless. I read army designed such lasers on small trucks to destroy bombs etc. There is a guy who wanted to destroy car electronics with same method.

    Anyone have different view ? It should be possible but how ?

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    you should toss this idea on a physics forum for a more detailed response.

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