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Thread: Portable J pole Antenna Issues

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    Exclamation Portable J pole Antenna Issues

    So to start this off, I have just passed my Tech exam and still waiting for a Call Sign. So I am completely new to everything! Thank you in advance for all the help.

    So I have a Baofeng BF-F8HP Radio.

    I recently purchased a Slim Jim Portable Antenna

    I am inside and have the Slim Jim on a rope hanging so it is straight and have noticed that the signal strength is stronger than the Rubber Ducky. But the slim jim antenna audio keeps going in and out its like a rapid cut off and then hear again. Now the RUbber ducky even if it has less signal strength the audio is smooth there is no rapid breaks in the audio.

    THank you for all the help!

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    It's possible the better antenna is overloading the front end of your radio. Baofengs are notorious for this problem.

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