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Thread: Newbie questions about antennas

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    Question Newbie questions about antennas

    Being new to all things ham, I'm having some trouble finding information on a few things, one of which is antennas.
    First of all, is there any place with good sources on what types of antennas there are in general, and when I want to have each? Being such an important piece of the equipment, it's surprising I didn't find a good one anywhere, but I didn't.

    My next question is about different frequencies. I understand I need different types of antennas for different frequencies... But what about multi frequency antennas? Is it solely the transceiver that "chooses" what to tune into? Are antenna adjustments necessary? Is there some piece of equipment I'm missing?

    Something else that's been on my mind a lot... I live in a single room apartment building (8th floor out of 10 if it matters). Am I just completely screwed, or are there options for some kind of indoor antennas?

    And lastly, still about my living space, would I have too much issue with penetration through my walls, having to operate indoors?

    Thank you for reading,

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    You may be having trouble finding a site that covers everything about antenna, because it is such a big subject. Because of that, hams tend to focus on small areas.

    Your best source of information about antennas is a book. Specifically, the ARRL Antenna Handbook. Yea, they are a bit pricey but the have tons of information. It is common to find older version of this book at ham fests for $5 or $10. Since the subject matter doesn't change much over the years, they are good buys. Another good book is the Practical Antenna Handbook. It's a good book and a little less expensive.

    You may be able to find some antenna books on-line, but they are usually pretty old. However, the basic information is good. Here is one that is relatively up to date called Antenna Toolkit.

    As far as an antenna for your apartment, all is not lost. Communicating from within your apartment will not go well. There is too much shielding in the upper and lower floors. Your best bet is a antenna that can be poked out one of your windows. Something like this MFJ-1622, APARTMENT ANTENNA, HF, 40M-2M. It may not be the most efficient but it will get you on the air. To keep the landlord happy, you can put it up only when you want to get on the air. Being on the 8th floor may be a plus.

    You just have to look around. There is tons of information on antennas. Even on my own website: Javascript Electronic Notebook.
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    antennas yes its a tricky and sticky subject to discuss because there is so much information on them. Designing them can be fun as it is as much theory as trial and error.
    But the more info you have the better off you are.
    this site has a downloadable pdf file that may help (but be aware the pdf book is over 1,000 in size.

    hope this helps!
    I like to experiment with antennas to see how i can modify elements and what the results are.
    you'll want to choose a good app for antennas (preferably one with good visualization and data display) but there are many apps out there that you can use to give you dimensions of elements for vertical, horizontal,rhomboid, and yagi antennas and you can usually get good results.
    But as you know we do not live in a perfect world. so one thing about being a ham radio operator is you will learn to be flexible and design things to work as needed.
    but study your math well because you may have to rely on it to get you on the air.
    Im so old dirt was my apprentice

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