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    I just recently purchased the id 5100 and a diamond MR-77 dual band antenna. I was just wondering can the antenna upgrade increase reception distance?

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    The radio seems to be very good, but you might want to upgrade the antenna. It's a good antenna, but it's a bit short and doesn't have a lot of gain. When you are working with VHF/UHF frequencies, the range is mostly "Line of Sight". Which means, the higher you get the antenna and the clearer the path, the better your reception is going to be. A good antenna will help prevent most of your signal from going into the sky.

    Here is a interesting web page from Comet on Dual Band Mobile Antennas. It lists a lot of antennas. An interesting one for your use might be the CA-2x4SRNMO BROADBAND VHF/UHF ANTENNA. It's about twice the size of your current antenna and has better gain. Although, note that the mount is different.

    You mentioned in your other post about activities in the mountains. Your reception is going to change depending on whether you are at the top of a mountain or at the bottom. In between mountains, your reception may be unpredictable. In some conditions you might be able to hit a repeater by reflection, even though you can't see it. Generally, for the users working in mountainous area, CB radios are mostly used.

    I live in a mountainous area myself, just south of the Grand Canyon, at around 5,300 feet altitude. Reception is pretty good from my location. The repeater south of me can pin my S-Meter from 50 miles away. To the west, I can usually hit the repeater that is around 70 miles away. That's with a 3-Element Yagi, mounted on a 30 foot mast. But there just aren't that many repeaters or hams working simplex in my area.

    All you can really do is try your setup out. It may surprise you at how good it works.
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    Thank you for your reply. I will check out the comet link definitely. And I did go once for a fishing trip and that's why I ended up post on this thread. But it's been really helpful thank you again.

    John KF0AAP

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