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    I've recently started looking up a lot of things about ham radio and I've been finding it really fascinating!

    I bought myself a little 2m/70cm handheld transciever which I've been using to listen only, as I do not have my license, and sadly am cursed to not have it for now as my country has stopped all tests due to the virus....
    Still, so much to learn, so many questions, so... Here I am!

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    Hi from UK.

    It may help if you identify your country. Online exams are now available in USA, UK & Australia.
    Perhaps other countries have started, or intend to start online exams. Hence we cannot advise if we don't know your country.

    Hopefully you will resist the temptation to transmit with that radio. A conviction for that would no doubt result in a licence being denied after you pass the "very easy" exam.
    In UK they can fine us up to £5000 or even 6 months prison for transmitting without a licence.
    But that's nothing compared to the penalty in wartime.

    73 Jim

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    Welcome to the forum and Ham Radio. Take this opportunity to start studying for your test. Be ready to take it when they open back up if they are not doing online testing in your country.

    73ís Roger

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    Have a great day.

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    Thanks for the support!

    Even if I couldn't get in trouble for it, having to announce my call sign and not having one to announce would be embarrassing enough to keep me from it, don't worry.

    Ohh, taking the test online, what a dream... I'll keep an eye on it in case they decide to do it where I live, but I know not to hold my breath. Meanwhile, I'll keep on trying to learn more about everything so that I'm ready when things are finally over or they manage to do online testing!

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    Still not letting us know just where you're located?
    Pat K7KBN
    Semper ubi sub ubi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K7KBN View Post
    Still not letting us know just where you're located?
    My apologies. I'm located in Brazil

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    How about doing the USA online exams & using the license in Brazil?
    That's been looked into & probably not an option. Unless you have a US passport.

    It's interesting that in Brazil you can use 1000w on a class A license

    Here is some interesting reading. Pop back & let us know how you get on as no doubt be others interested
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    Hmm, no luck, it seems.
    I've tried checking Labre's website (Arrl equivalent), and I did find a mention of them encouraging people to go to them for taking the test rather than Anatel (gov. organ that issues the licenses), and me being unsure if they'd just guide you or if they can give you the test too aside, I didn't find anything aboit that anywhere else on the website.
    Even if they can only help you if you physically go to them, they are closed for physical visits due to the virus as well, so I seem still out of luck...
    Plus I don't have a passport. I only have my local documents...

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