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    Hey ya'll,

    So I'm looking into the Wires-X stuff and I keep seeing conflicting information regarding the Wires-X setup with an HRI-200. One side says you need two radios plus the HRI in order to work. One radio connects directly to the HRI and the other talks to the pair to establish the connection. Another side says you only need one radio (like an FT3DR for example) and you can put the HRI into a "direct mode" and establish a connection that way. I'm very new to Ham and I'm trying to figure out which route I'd like to go for digital. Hopefully I'm explaining this correctly and please correct my vocabulary as I'm very new.



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    I believe both are true. The newer FT-400, FT-3 and FTM-100 an FT-2D with latest firmware can go into HRI mode and make a direct connection. They can also provide a node access where you can use another mobile Fusion capable radio to connect. I use a FTM-100 in my pickup and can hit my FTM-400 from cross town similar to a repeater and connect to Fusion via the FTM-400 and PC internet connection.

    I hope this helps.


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    BTW, if you do not care about setting up your own room or analog connection on Fusion, no need for and HRI-200 with the HRI mode in new capable radios.

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