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Thread: HOA Antenna Restrictions

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    I live in Central Florida, near Lakeland. I have a single family home that is on a corner lot. Our HOA doesn't allow any antennas except for satellite dishes. However, in 2008 Florida passed a law that allows up to a 20' flag pole regardless of HOA restrictions. Perhaps a vertical flag pole antenna for HF is a possibility? I have large attic that is accessible via a pull ladder. Unfortunately, most of inside part of the roof is covered with a thin sheet of highly reflective aluminum (i.e. a radiant barrier). My guess is that the radiant barrier will kill RF signals.

    Has anyone of this board faced this issue? What options did/would you consider? While CW on HF is what I enjoy most, I do want to work phone on HF as well as connect with local 2 meter repeaters.

    Thank you in advance for any ideas.

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    one time i saw a ham friend make his antenna by replacing the clothes line with the wire type and ran the coax inside the clothes line pole (his wife never used the clothes line)
    the only way you could tell it was an antenna was the insulators at the poles and the insulators were covered in tape.

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    I helped a friend install a fiberglass flag pole years ago that had a Chameleon antenna inside. He gets good results.

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    I'm in the same boat with the HOA, as well as being on a corner lot. I've been doing some research and found a couple of options that I'm considering.

    The first is a product that is offered called a ventenna. Basically it mounts right inside of your exhaust vent that goes to the roof. It's a permanent fixture and has great reviews.

    The other option is a configuration with a J-Pole antenna, which mounts in your attic. It's said that it will perform almost as good as an external antenna. This is the one that I'm leaning towards because I live in a high lightening area (as you may as well, living in Florida). In fact, I'm about to post a new thread around this configuration to get some advice for some seasoned HAM's. It sounds like your attic may not be an option, but thought I would throw that configuration out as well. I'm primarily looking at VHF, but physics would say that UHF would probably operate better than VHF, but I'll leave the specifics of that to my betters.

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