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Thread: Hi from Truro Cornwall

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    Default Hi from Truro Cornwall

    Hi to everyone, I am a ham living in Ruanhighlanes near Truro Uk I am class A. I mainly listen these days I would like to make more use of my license but lack of confidence and disability has taken its toll. Itís nice to have found this forum and I look forward to contacting you.

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    Hi from Nottingham.
    I am also retired & my gear is still in the boxes. I sat the exams in the 90s. Renewed every 5yrs as it's now free.
    ATM l building up my collection of bits. I have 2 hf rigs. FT450at & spotted a rig l always wanted many years ago... FT900at, so snapped that up last year.
    I am sure your confidence will grow, so hope to hear you on the air.

    73 Jim
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