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Thread: Aluminum conduit for antenna mast

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    Default Aluminum conduit for antenna mast

    Hello, new here and have a question about using aluminum conduit for an antenna mast.
    I have 4 10' sections of 3" aluminum conduit and will be joined with aluminum threaded couplings. The wall thickness is just under 1/4". I would be mounting a diy copper j pole antenna at the top. What would be the best configuration and spacing (vertically) for guy rope?


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    I think the general rule of thumb is having guys every 30 feet up that anchor at least 2/3 the towers height away from the base.

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    Awesome thanks!

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    3" conduit to hang a J pole?
    That antenna better realize how good it has it!

    The guy ropes should be as equidistant as possible, at least three approx 120*spaced. Four might be better, depends on a lot of site specific variables.
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    The conduit was free! I'm just starting out in ham radio so there's a good chance down the road I'll upgrade antennas. I also live on several acres in the country so eventually I can also hang wire antennas for the higher meter frequencies. That's the long term plan. But for now I'm just 70cm and 2m. Gotta upgrade my license and save up to get a base radio next.

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