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    Brand new to the forum and to amateur radios. I've participated in many forums, but this is the first time I've taken advantage of the "Introduce Yourself" subforum. I'm 50 and sheltering-in-place, so I have time on my hands. I've started the self-training to study for the Technician exam (I'm using - the book and the app) and have (IMHO) made pretty decent progress in a day or so - which must mean that I'm overlooking something!

    My main goal is to become better prepared to be able to communicate with my family, and others, in the event of an emergency. I imagine I'm one of many who have the same thought given what is going on in the world.

    I have a real problem with gear addiction - so I'm hoping that this new effort doesn't turn into another one of my problems.....

    Welcome any input on how to approach this new adventure. Thanks in advance!

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    Hi from England,
    Great to hear you have finally been bitten by the radio bug. I am now retired but sat the exams in the 90s. I done the study & went straight for the highest exams & now have a full licence (equiv to USA extra). They have 3 levels over here. Novice, intermediate & full.
    They have started doing online exams ATM, both over here + USA. But only for the 1st stage. That would be tech in your case. Perhaps an idea if you had a look at the mock exams online then take advantage of the online exam asap. No idea if those will continue as some guys question the potential to cheat.

    I seem to be accumulating gear. Got several radios living in boxes atm. At some point l will get round to building that station. However the wife wants me to tidy the garden today. I would much rather tidy my workshop lol. Unsure whether to set up my station in there or on the house.

    So hope to hear you on the air real soon.
    73 Jim
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