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    Hi Barry Charles , KO4CVG

    I managed to get a tech license right before the world shut down for Covid-19. I have an apartment in Milwaukee but commute to Northern Virginia for work.

    Iíve been around radios, technical communications and electrical engineering for many decades but only recently interested in the hobby. My goal is two fold. A new hobby suitable for the lock down (love learning new tech) and to be able to communicate with someone in the Milwaukee area in the event that internet goes down.

    My wife is undergoing chemo and we had a bad situation in January where she became unable to communicate. Not that I expect her to learn ham, just I would feel better if I got involved with the local ham community with people who REALLY understand communication. Just as a backup plan if all else fails.

    I also managed to get a Kenwood TH-D74 as something to start with. Most radios are out of stock right now.

    Anyway, any advice? Local Milwaukee clubs? I know no one is meeting in person right now.


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    Hi from UK.
    Seems to be more guys turning to ham radio since this virus was set loose. Unsure what frequencies you are limited to on a tech license. The equiv in UK would be the novice license. All ham bands can be used regardless of class over here. They only limit the power you can transmit. Having said that, it would be very difficult to police. Can't see authorities knocking on your door to check your output. Just need to turn it down before you open the door lol.
    I have the highest license so don't need to worry about how much power l use.

    Sorry to hear your wife is going through a bad time in her life. Mine is on oxygen 24/7. Been like that since an op went wrong 3yrs ago. But we make the best of things.

    You never mention the desire to use HF radio. That will give you much more range. Or worldwide range. So hope to hear you on the air at some point.

    73 Jim
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