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    Hi, I am quite new to SDR and for that matter radio and hope someone can render help.

    I have a cheap Chinese imported HF Sdr ( As you will see from the pictures it has 2 inputs one for UV and one for HF. I have HDSDR installed and the EXTIO installed on windows. I can tune the device to VHF this gets better reception when the antenna is connected to the UV antenna input. So it is working to some extent. However I have completely failed to get any reception on HF, not even stations I can receive on a small portable CS-106 radio ( The antenna is supposed to be a ‘HF’ antenna, it was supplied with the device, but, I suspect this is the major source of problems. Examination of the device shows it is nothing more than a RTL-SDR ‘DVT’ stick board mounted on another PCB with a larger case and two antenna inputs, pictures attached. Can anyone advise what I need to do to receive on HF. I have tried during on ‘Direct Sampling’ via I and Q this improves the frequency display built I am still unsuccessful in really receiving any signals even SW stations the portable CS-106 can receive easily.

    I am really unsure if this is a software or hardware issue. I would have assumed perhaps wrongly that if the portable can receive a station then the device should without much trouble, but, I could well be wrong please advise me. Does anyone else have experience of these devices?



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    For some reason the forum will not let me post the photoes of the one I have and it opened up, but that does not really detract from the question.

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    Here are the photos the forum gave an error with out indicating what was the problem. It seems to be image size so I have shared them.

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    You need to get that antenna outside and as high as possible, away from conducting objects/surfaces.

    H.F. antennas are physically large, but you might pick up some strong amateur CW signals around 7.000 - 7.050MHz in the evening, or 14.000 - 14.050MHZ during daylight.

    Also, try to find out local frequencies, airband traffic control is a good place to start, signals are fairly strong and regular.

    Don't forget your local FM broadcast, they provide handy signals...

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