Hi All,

Ive just joined the forum. I've had a licence for many years but have been inactive for a fair few years because i moved home and didnt really have anywhere for antennas etc so my interested faded a little.

Anyway i just acquired this small handheld as a stepping stone to maybe re-entering and becoming active once again.

Having had it for a week or so a few things are clear to me.

Despite having bought it new and having the manual, its clear ill need to use software and a programming lead. I dont have a lead at the moment. Are they all pretty much the same, i.e could i use the two pin Baofeng lead?

The bands are also pretty quiet in my area even though im near a major city. I have the wideband antenna on at the moment rather than the shorter dual band.

In the mean time i i think i need to unpick the manaul and write myself a simple idiots guide to programming data into memories etc.

Does anyone else use this handie and if so,have you had good results with it?