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Thread: Kenwood TS 590 antenna used as a receiver only

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    Post Kenwood TS 590 antenna used as a receiver only

    What kind of outdoor antenna would be effective for the Kenwood ts 590s being used to receive only ? I would be most interested in extreme distance bands. Yous input would be very helpful. Thank you. :

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    Depending on the current propagation, any band can be a extreme distance band. For example, 40 Meters (7MHz) is good for a couple hundred miles during the day. But at night, when F-Layers get higher above earth, radio broadcasts from all over the globe can be heard. Conversely, 10 Meters (28 MHz), at the peak of sunspot activity, can get you 3,000 to 4,000 miles during the day. But 10 Meters will close up at sundown.

    The simplest effective antenna might be the End-Fed. End-Fed antennas can be problematic if you are transmitting at high power. But you are not.

    There is a PDF available on that will give you a good idea of lengths that work for End-Fed antennas using a 4:1 or 9:1 Balun at the feed point. Some lengths are good for 40-10 Meter coverage, while others are good for 160-10 Meter coverage. I have similar data on my web page on the Single Wire/End Fed Antenna.
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