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Thread: HF 4MHz SSB (USB) WeatherFax Receiver Homebrew

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    Question HF 4MHz SSB (USB) WeatherFax Receiver Homebrew

    I am looking to create a fixed frequency (4317.9kHz) USB SSB receiver to listen to NOAAs New Orleans weather fax transmissions. The intention is that the receiver could be patched via a 3.5mm cable into a PC's microphone input to then decode the transmission.
    Does anyone know of any designs out there that would work? I am a rather amateur hardware builder but quite experienced writing software.
    I appreciate any comments and thank you in advance.

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    This may help get you started.

    There is software called Fldigi that already displays WEFAX. The software is free, open source, and is designed to work through the audio ports on your PC. It does much more than just receiving WEFAX, but there is no requirement to use it all.

    For a receiver, I would suggest a SDR (Software Defined Radio). A SDR is effectively a wide band receiver that runs on your computer. With a SDR and Fldigi all you need to do is steer the audio from one to the other. Details on configuring a SDR and Fldigi can be had on a web page written by WB8LZR.

    This approach would minimize the need for hardware building skills and maximize your software knowledge.
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