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    Default di-pole antenna

    Hi, My name is Terry. I am a new HAM and live in Central Oregon. I want to build a dipole antenna, and understand that the antenna needs to be 468/frequency in MHz. However, i'm not suer what the measure of the results are in. Meters?

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    That'll be feet.

    For metres, you use c/f, 300/f

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    Welcome to ham radio. But note that, "ham" is not an acronym and is not capitalized. It's just "ham".

    To start, you can look around the internet to find most of the information you need. For example, take a look at my web page on the Center Fed Half-Wave dipole. That page provides the equations for a Half-Wave dipole in both US/Imperial and Metric dimensions. This same information exists on many web sites.

    A simple dipole is pretty easy to build and erect. But note it is usually only useful on one band. My web site, and many others, describe antennas that can be used on multiple bands. Just take the time to understand a little bit about antennas.
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