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    Good morning all. I recently received my technician license and want to listen in to learn the radio etiquette. I purchased the Yaesu ft60r and the programming software to put repeaters into my transceiver. In the software it has a category to insert the following: tone,dcs,ccts,none and so forth. I put my repeat channels on tone thinking that I would be able to listen but I'm not hearing anything on any of the repeater channels. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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    What software did you get?

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    ADMS-1J programming software for the Yaesu FT-60

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    Might be actual repeater traffic any more. People need to key up and say hi if this hobby is to survive.
    But really, if the repeater has no output tone, leave the radio with no receive tone. If you need to transmit a tone to open the repeater, that's different. Not many times do you need a tone to hear a repeaters output.

    Unless there's something I'm not understanding...

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    Hey. I absolutely agree about chiming in. I will definitely "get my feet wet" and be more proactive. Thank you for the advice. I went into my programming and switched from TONE back to NONE. We'll see how it goes. Thanks

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