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    can sumone help me get my dnr id my new radio will be here tomrrow but still no dmr id thank from robert 2e1gdo

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    I think you need to register an ID at this website:

    I don't use DMR myself, but maybe someone else on the forum has and can give better advise.

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    Default hi robert oh8gad

    i have done that but still no dmr id

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    There seems to be different sites to register for an id. This appears to be the one for UK & Africa.!

    But before you do that. You want an id related to your call sign. This is different to the general id issued to "non hams"
    Check out the YouTube video. He explains it fully. You also need to upload a copy of your licence as this one is for hams only

    Let us know how you get on.

    73 Jim

    Just noticed that this thread is more than a month old. However the above info may help others in UK. I think it's a different site for hams in USA. Although not certain as l have no experience in digital radio. Perhaps someone can advise as no doubt others will be looking for that info.
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