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Thread: mag mount antenna

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    Default mag mount antenna

    Will this antenna connect to a baofeng UV-5R+?

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    One of the photos shows it connected to a baofeng.

    Is it just me

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    The picture shows a cable that is needed to connect the PL259 connector to the Baofeng. Beyond that, I am using my handheld (an AnyTone) connected to my home 2m/70cm antenna and it works fine. Commecting it to an antenna that does not have a high SWR should not be a problem.

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    The problem is - besides needing an adaptor to go from the PL to the Baofeng is the fact that the connector on the radio isn't very strong and if you drop it or manhandle it, you run the risk of damaging it - virtually ruining the radio.

    Your best bet is to purchase a inexpensive mobile radio - such as the Yaesu FT 1900r.

    $129ish american dollars for a 50 watt mobile, then you would have something..

    That style of handheld isn't much of any good for anything except talking on the local repeater.. Adding the external mobile antenna doesn't solve the problem of lack of power, just gets the signal outside of the vehicle.

    The radio isn't designed to be used with an external antenna, and any discrepancies with swr will either cause the radio to fold back most or all of its power, or the loss on 70cm is so profound in the coax that it doesn't really increase the range much vs buying the proper radio and doing it right..

    I know this is the brutal truth and not what you want to hear..

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