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Thread: FT3DR displaying DTMF

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    Default FT3DR displaying DTMF

    I'm brand new to amateur radio, and just purchased a FT3DR. I live in an HOA and haven't figured out the antenna issue yet, but got a magnetized roof antenna for the car. I bought a Diamond SRH77CA antenna for the HT for walking around.

    I was sitting at home and wanted to see if I could reach anyone on 146.520 I noticed that the screen displays DTMF when I transmit. Why? Is there a set up problem that is causing this, and is this the reason I'm not getting any replies?

    Also, when i key up a local transmitter I get a reply in CW. Is this related to the same DTMF issue?

    thanks in advance


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    Not being familiar with the FT3D, I'm not in a position to address the DTMF issue without some research, but I can answer your other question.

    Repeaters are required to ID, just like any ham talking on a radio. It is permissible for them to ID in CW (although it really isn't CW, but Morse Code sent in modulated FM.) Most repeaters, when "kerchunked," (which the owners don't care for) will come back with their call sign in Morse Code. That's what you're hearing. It has nothing to do with the DTMF issue in your FT3D.

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    Default Good news

    The fact that i'm getting a 'legitimate' response from the repeater is good news. At least it means i programmed the offset and tone correctly. THANKS

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