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    Hello all, new to HAM, studying for my general.

    I have no permanent base station at home currently, I just have a Baofeng 8 watt (forgot the model), FT3DR, and 400XDR in my jeep, so currently no HF capacity. I'd like to have a unit that is portable for HF so I'm eyeballing the FT818 with some accessories but it's low power.

    How feasible is it to use an HF amplifier on the 818 to get to say 50 watts, and then just grab the FT818 and a couple accessories for mobile base station operation? I don't know anything about amplifiers and I'm not convinced the 818 is the best way to go. Been looking on ebay and not coming up with much.


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    Do yourself a favor and get a 100 watt first rig. QRP takes practice and can be frustrating. Something smaller like a 991a world serve you better and is small enough to take in the field. It has the added bonus of having 2m/70cm capability as well, giving you all the most popular bands in one box.

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