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Thread: Hi from NW Pa

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    Default Hi from NW Pa

    I'm Charlie, K3UIM, 86 years old and waiting for God to call me home.
    I love ham radio, WordPerfect as a word processor and BMW motorcycles. (Stopped riding at 75. sigh ...)
    I retired from tool making at Talon, Inc. in Meadville, Pa after 33 1/2 years, to the day. I enjoy tinkering with electronics, modifying circuitry and home-brewing. After about 25 years of hamming I dropped out for about 25 years and just recently found myself hankering for the smell of melted rosin. (Hi) I maintained my license, figuring I'd one day retire and get back into the rat race.
    I work 40 CW and find it a wee bit difficult getting back up to the 20 wpm speed I used to do. (Funny thing about that, I've discovered a lot of things I "used to be able to do" since aging. sigh.)
    Enjoy life!

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    Greetings and welcome back!

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    Hi Charlie,

    Seems like your getting around a little bit. How is your Frequency Counter project coming?

    We, the XYL and I, are selling the ranch, to be closer to my son. He lives in Michigan. We will be almost in shouting distance.
    Martin, K7MEM
    Ash Fork, AZ - 60 miles from the Grand Canyon on Rt-66. Elevation 5,300 ft.

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