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Thread: Hi from Ohio

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    Default Hi from Ohio

    I live in OH, USA, and passed my Tech exam on 2/23. Got my call sign on the following Wednesday. Starting in mid January I watched W4EEY's tech class videos on YouTube and tested using I am now watching W4EEY's videos for the General class and plan on testing for that at the next testing date which is 7 June.

    My dad (N5URR) is a ham from as long as I can remember and I remember hanging out in his shack listening to him communicate around the world. Try as I might I could never get code down so now that it is not required I jumped in as soon as life let me.

    Look forward to the Forum and to the world as presented my Amateur Radio.


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    Congratulations and welcome!

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    Hi from UK.
    June is drawing closer so we may soon hear your voice coming across the Atlantic.

    We have 3 license levels in UK. But the difference is that any licence class can use "all" ham bands. They only restrict the power. IE: 10w for our tech equiv license.

    73 Jim

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    Welcome aboard. It's always nice to hear from someone new.

    I have had a ham license since 1965, so that's 55 years for me. I upgraded to Extra in 1999. That was a few years before they did away with the Morse testing. But it wasn't a problem. Since the early 80's I use Morse Code almost exclusively. It's easy enough to learn, once you put your mine to it.

    Congratulations again. And, I recommend that you extend your studying to the Extra Class license. It's not a lot of extra band space, but it's worth it.
    Martin, K7MEM
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