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Thread: Battery Life (And Charge Cycles) - How to maximize?

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    Default Battery Life (And Charge Cycles) - How to maximize?

    Hello all,

    Fairly new to the hobby, and enjoying the radio almost every day! I monitor in my work truck throughout my shift, and rather than burn though batteries and worry about constant charging, I use the Yaesu mobile power adapter. It powers the radio via the cigarette lighter and bypasses the battery alltogether.

    As a result, I hardly discharge my batteries at all, and they end up just sitting around with a charge for long periods of time. Im curious if leaving an NiMh battery alone for a long time reduces the amount of life I can expect out of it. I have the 1400 mAh battery, and a 2100 mAh battery as a backup in my work bag.

    I'm considering running down each battery about once a month or so (so it can get a fresh charge), but I'm not sure if there is any benifit to it. I'm sure there are different opinions regarding battery care and extracting the maximum amount of cycles from them. Curious if anyone can chime in with their thoughts.



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    NiMh batteries don't mind being left for a long time without cycling, unlike NiCd which have to be kept topped up.
    I wouldn't bother with monthly cycling for hydride cells, but do keep an eye on the Voltage on you nicads.

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