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Thread: Hello, K0SJM here,

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    Default Hello, K0SJM here,

    Thanks for the add, been a General almost 4 months now. Have several radio’s Yaesu FTDX 1200, Kenwood TS-680S, and a working boat anchor, Heathkit HW 101, SB 200.
    Antenna’s: G5RV, HB Longwire, and 6M beam.
    This is my latest acquisition. I salvaged it.

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    Welcome from UK. (Be it a couple of months late).

    That's a nice tower you have. You are one of the fortunate few to be able to set that up. Too many times l hear of the difficulties hams have in getting permission to errect a tower. In many cases even a simple vertical may be out of the question.

    FTDX-1200 is a radio that l was considering myself. Presently l have an FT450-at & FT900-at on the HF side. I have always preferred Yaesu radios. I hate Kenwood's as the name has always brought food mixers to mind. Then the radios with the curved front ends put me off them. But it would be a boring world if we all shared the same taste.

    With all the restrictions that will no doubt remain on our movements this summer, it's going to be a good time to dig out all the gear l have living in boxes. After you have been a ham for a couple of decades you too will have accumulated many radios & hundreds of bits & bobs in boxes. When l start digging l am sure to find thing l forgot that l had.

    Now retired l have all the time in the world. Most difficult decisions for me is do l set up a station in my workshop or in the house? So far the workshop is winning as the wife never goes in there as she sees lathes as dangerous lol.

    So again, sorry for the delay in the reply to your post. And hope you will pop back & update us on your growing station.

    Hopefully we will hear your voice coming across the Atlantic one day.

    73 Jim

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