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    I'm about to be getting my license for Ham Radio. I've been looking at radios and I'm not sure whats good vs bad. I wanna do something I can easily put in my car. Or a handheld that I can route through my car to increase the signal level. I was hoping for like under $200 or maybe just a little over. Any help I could get would be great. I'm still learning and getting into Ham Radio.

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    I used the Yaesu FT-60 to get acquainted with local club nets and ragchew. Got an open box deal from HRO. That will put you in business with local repeaters.

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    The FT-60 looks like a descent hand held. I have several 2M/440MHz "under the dash" type of radios (Kenwood TM-201B and a TM-V7). The "under the dash" type of radio generally costs considerably more than a hand held. The TM-V7 went for over $700 new. Whereas, the FT-60 only goes for about $150. And now, the hand held radios are offering the same utilities as the "under the dash" type.

    But, I don't know what you mean by "Or a handheld that I can route through my car to increase the signal level."

    You can probably get a better signal by using a external antenna, rather then the rubber ducky on the hand held. I have 3-Element Yagi for 2 Meters, that I bought over 50 years ago, that works great in my area. I also have a Diamond X30A Dual Band (2M/70CM) Base/Repeater antenna. If you put that X30A on a 20-30 foot mast, you will hit every repeater within a 50-100 mile radius.
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