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Thread: Touch Sensitive Lights - help requested from designers....

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    Default Touch Sensitive Lights - help requested from designers....

    Here's a question for the circuit board designers. My wife loves our cheap chinese touch sensitive bedside lights. So do I, but the slightest whif of RF switches them on and off. So a CW contact has our bedroom window flashing like the bridge of a warship! I'm told that it's because the cheap chinese circuit boards have no filters.

    So, is there a designer out there who can design an easily built, small, circuit board that won't be so hellishly sensitive to rf but will still do the job of providing touch sensitivity to our lamps? I'm happy to experiment and build something, provided it won't blow us up!!

    Richard G4JJP

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    Im just beginning down my electronics journey but id guess that a ferrite bead on the gate pin of the triac (likely a BT136 or similar device) would solve the issue.

    EDIT: This site makes other suggestions
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    All I did with the ones in my bedroom was install switches in the power cords for the lights. Eventually I'm going to rip the guts out of them and just make them into switch lights.

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