Located at DM26. No call sign yet, taking Technician exam on March 7th. Confident that I will pass with no issues. Will update my user name when I get my call sign. Being a noob, I'm definitely going to be looking for knowledge and practical information on this forum. If I can't find answers to my questions online, I will definitely be asking them here. Hopefully, the "There is no stupid question" phrase reigns supreme here.

Currently, I have an HT, 8watts (lol). Looking to get a couple RF power amplifiers (30-40watt output) and an antenna to set up a modest home station. Low power but, it's a start. The amps I'm looking at are also suitable for mobile so I can easily take one amp when I go off-roading, mainly for emergencies.

Looking forward to an enjoyable experience here on HRF.