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    Greetings from western Montana.

    I just earned my Tech ticket and am studying for the General.

    A long...long time ago, when I was a kid, I loved using our old shortwave to listen to whatever I could find. Finding the GMT signal was even fun!

    Recently bought a Chinese HT and been listening while I learn about antennas, and radio in general.
    I plan to become involved in ARES; I'm interested in digital stuff but I want to be able to operate mobile and self-contained. It's obvious to me that understanding propagation better is something I need to do.
    I'm going to order an SWR meter and a 'better' antenna for that HT while I decide what next transceiver to get, and mess around with antennas a bit.

    I'll be looking around this site for ideas and guidance.


    KJ7MYF Chris in Montana

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    Hi from UK Chris. Excuse the delay in response.

    Hopefully you have made some progress towards your General now that we are all locked down & all the exams are now available to sit online.

    Whilst you are working on your next ticket you may find DMR radio of interest.
    Go to "
    That site is for hams only. So when you register they will ask you to upload a copy of your licence. Very easy to do. Just have a copy on your phone or computer & select it as an attachment. Then they will email your DMR number to you within 24hrs.

    This guy will show you how easy it is

    Then if you type DMR radio into YouTube's search box you will find plenty information on suitable radios. Although the author of the above link has uploaded more videos on dmr radios.
    Then after you know what you want, just a case of buying it.

    Hope the above info is of use to you. I also was interested in radios from a young age. So l thought DMR would be of interest to you.

    Perhaps as you progress in the hobby your voice will one day be heard coming across the Atlantic .

    Good luck

    73 Jim

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    quick suggestion... skip ordering an swr meter. Go straight for a nanoVNA-F or similar antenna analyzer. They run about the same price (for some unknown reason lol) and it will serve as an SWR meter and much much more down the road. There are plenty of videos online that will walk you through the basic operation and calibration of such devices, and operating them these days does not require an understanding of them. A nanoVNA with out-of-the-box calibration will give better SWR readings than most analog meters.

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