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Thread: Hello and wish me luck

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    Default Hello and wish me luck

    Sitting my foundation exam on Saturday, havenít been very well the last few weeks so not nearly enough home study done, feeling slightly better now so some hard cramming between now and Saturday and cross all my fingers and toes..... wish me luck.

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    Best of luck!

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    Don’t stay up to late studying the night before, good luck !

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    Good luck!
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    Default Good luck

    Good luck!

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    Did you pass?

    If not then now is the best time to re-sit as they are doing the online exams ATM.
    Both sides of the Atlantic. The tech licence in USA & the novice license in UK are now being done online.

    Never been a better time to sit that exam. Best to strike while the iron is hot as they may withdraw the online tests when the lockdown ends.
    There will be much less stress sitting the test from your bedroom.

    73 from UK Jim

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