I have a question about open wire fed antenna balance. I have for 50 years used open wire feed and 4:1 balun. Well all the experts say its better to use a 1:1 current balun rather than the 4:1 voltage balun.

I have noticed a couple things I cant quite grasp. The 1:1 current balun feeds the hot wire and ground through individual windings to the open wire feed terminals.

I am no expert on baluns but what I noticed was I had some RFI problems with a neighbors motion lights that are over 100 ft away. While trying to cure it I swapped the routing of the ends of the antenna and the RFI went away. Looking at the balun output, when the side of the dipole thats connected to the hot side of the balun is pointed towards his house I have RFI Issue. If I reverse the wires and run the hot wire away from his house the problem is gone.

Well I tried another experiment and took the non hot side of the antenna and grounded it to a ground stake. My SWR did not change at all. I have done ohm meter and connection checks on the entire system and all is well.

In thinking about this does this show feedline is balanced with max RF at one and and none at other being 180 deg out of phase or is there something I am not understanding.

When I had my 4:1 V balun when one side of the antenna was even laying on the ground it made a huge SWR change.

Hope the experts will explain this


Gary K4MT