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Thread: Help required setting back up on packet radio

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    Default Help required setting back up on packet radio


    After along absence, I am just getting back into ham/packet radio.

    Having forgotten pretty much everything, I'm effectively a newbie again, so was wondering what advice you might have to get my old Kantronics KAM set back up on 2m/70cm.

    I was previously using it with a BBC B microcomputer (I told you it was a long absence!), but am now on Windows.

    I am particularly wondering what software to use - something that can connect the 25-pin serial port from the KAM to a USB, RJ45 or HMDI port on my computer?

    Or do I really need to replace the KAM with something a bit more modern? If so, any suggestions that won't break the bank?

    Thank you in advance,

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    Kantronics is still in business and selling updated modems. Also, reconditioned "BBC B Microcomputers" are still available on Ebay. But their price is on par with a new one of the day. You should be able to use a modern computer. Here is a link to XPWare Communications Software. They are now offering all of their software as freeware. It looks like they have software that runs in XP or DOS.

    A google search on "kantronics kam software" should get you lots of hits. And KAM has been discussed in several forums, like

    The problem with the software is that, it is intended to run on early versions of Windows or in DOS. And, it often comes on 3-1/2 Floppies. I have an old SubNote laptop that runs Windows 3.1, with a floppy drive and a real serial port. So I could run the software just fine. I use it with a Morse Code Send/Receive program that runs under DOS.

    Computers of today, tend to lack serial ports. But you can get USB to Serial Port Converter cables. I have 4 or 5 of them with 9 pin connectors, but I buy one with a 25 pin connector. You should be able to get any serial communication software, like PUTTY or HyperTerminal, to talk to the modem.

    You may also look at DxLab software. I believe they still support external modems, like yours, for RTTY.
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    Hiya Martin,

    Thanks for your reply and sorry for the delay acknowledging it / getting back to you.

    I've finally got my old BBC B microcomputer working again.

    I also found my old "PK232" software for it which (eventually) loaded up nicely.

    I then connected up my old Kantronics KAM, which lit up nicely for a couple of seconds before a few of the components went up in smoke...

    Have just bought another KAM off eBay, but not sure itis configured correctly as, comparing it to my old one, it has a few jumpers missing.

    Will post a new message about that in a mo.


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