We made specifically for the information support of amateur radio expeditions (or just radiotrips).
Now the site is mainly used by Russian amateur radio enthusiasts who activate various regions of Russia for the RDA (Russian Districts Award) diploma program. But then we thought that the site could also be interesting to other hams in the world.

- Using the site’s servicesis free for all .

- The first and main option of the site is the easy organization of broadcasting the station log online. TNXLOG sends the current QSO to the Log tab of your station on the server.

- Another of the important options of the site is Map. We ourselves wrote a program for an Android smartphone - QTHnow. The program sends the current coordinates to the server and in response receives the current value of the RDA and the locator for the station. RDA for stations outside Russia, of course, will not be displayed. But according to the sent coordinates, a mark will be put on the MAP tab. And HAMs can see your location in real time! This helps a lot when moving the station along the route or while waiting until the station reaches the desired point for work.
TNXLOG for Android have buit-in option

- The site has organized a general chat (Talks) and a station's chat (Chat), in which it is convenient to communicate with OMs during the expedition.
There is the built-in TNXQSO chat in the TNXLOG.

- The log can be exported to standard ADIF and saved in the phone’s memory.

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