Hello, I am new to this group and I joined in hopes for some help.
I have a Alinco DX-70T HF and 6 meter radio. This thing sat in the box for several years . I have turned it on and made a few contacts on 40 meters.
The next day I turned it on and everything was fine until I touched the filter knob top of the radio. Now when you touch the power button the radio only stays on when you hold the power button in. And the display screen shows all kinds of odd things. It acts like it was dropped or something. I assure you this radio has been taken very well care of.
Can anyone help me figure out why this radio all of a sudden won't stay on? And won't display hardly anything on the screen?

I have taken apart the face and the body and have found no signs of burnt or smelly blown components.
Please help I really like this little radio and want to fix this.

I do not have a remote cable just the radio, mic and power cord.
Thank you any good help will be wonderful !