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Thread: Ideas for a 2m home antenna thats duel purpose and will help with fm broadcast recept

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    Default Ideas for a 2m home antenna thats duel purpose and will help with fm broadcast recept

    Loaded question I know, and I will probably get more than one answer, is there a 2 meter antenna that my husband can purpose to help his FM broadcast reception? For the house, low profile...I dont do towers or big but willing to check out what you have and if you think this is a doable thing.

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    It certainly is doable, albeit with some compromise.

    To begin with, most FM broadcast receivers expect a 75Ω antenna, while your average 2m transceiver expects 50Ω.

    Disregarding impedance, the easiest way is with a simple diplexer, which is two resonant circuits in parallel.
    You can use a diplexer either way around, two antennas to one radio, or two radios into one antenna.
    The Voltage rating of the capacitors (and your SWR) determines the power handling of the diplexer - I have used mine with 25W on 2m and 10W on 70cm.

    The modification you'd have to make is the value of the inductors and capacitors on the 70cm port, to suit about 98MHz (centre of broadcast band), which I'm sure you can find a calculator for on the web .
    Bear in mind, the output impedance will be wrong for the broadcast port, but I'm sure you can make a balun (also on the web) to change it to 75Ω.
    Plus, of course, the 2m antenna is a bit short for receiving broadcast, but, the diplexer should allow you to transmit on 2m without blowing the pants off the broadcast receiver.

    If you don't intend to transmit on 2m, a simple T-connector should give some results...

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