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    Is there a way for the admins to allow a bit more attachment storage on this site? If we post a schematic, picture or other useful thing, our 4 or 5MB limit is rapidly consumed. This means we must delete prior attachments before adding new ones and this kills the old thread attachments that others might find useful.

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    I think our code monkey is on extended leave for the time being.
    Linking to external sites is allowed, however, their long-term reliability seems to vary, some being acquired by other companies, terms & conditions changing etc.

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    My friend told me I should learn C#, php, and html in visual studio... i should have listened to him. If I had the knowledge, Id gladly help out on the forum. I once used excel to utilize photos and audio clips for encrypting strings of text in a one-time pad fashion but I just don't have the time to get serious with coding. If that day ever comes, I will toss in an application on the forum

    ! Hope everything is going well for the code monkey.

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    Once you start coding, the language doesn't matter much. However, there are some languages that are better suited then others, depending on the project. For example, if your were trying to manage a data base of images and drawings, you might write everything in SQL. But if you were trying to solve a series of equations, Fortran, C, C++ would be a better alternative.

    I started coding/programming in Fortran, when I was in college (1968). We had to connect, over the phone lines, to a off-campus computer. The terminals we had were old 50 baud teletype machines with built in rotary phones. The computer center was always noisy and stunk from machine oil. Storage space for programs, on the off-campus computer, did not exist. Our only form of storage was punched paper tape. Things certainly have changed since then. Since then, I have had the need to code in every language you can think of. Many are obsolete and no longer used.

    The last program that I worked on, before I retired in 2011, required multiple languages. C, C++, Fortran, Java, Ada, machine language, and shell scripting. And, every program had to be able to communicate with all the other programs. This was hosted on a X86 PC running Solaris 10 (Unix).

    Now I mostly program in Javascript/CSS/HTML, for web purposes, and Verilog, for digital simulations. The Verilog is developed/run under Cygwin and viewed using GTKWAVE on a Windows 10 laptop.

    I wouldn't worry too much about prior attachments. That is the nature of the the internet. I have a web host for my web site. I often use that site for storing documents and images that I link to. As long as I pay the rent on the server space, and my domain name, all of my attachments will be good. But there will come a time when it all goes away. When that happens, I probably won't mind.
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